Customer Pick Up
Confirmation Page
I (Rentor) agree that by making a reservation with Jumping Monkeys Inflatables / A Perfect Party Rental, and filling out the confirmation questions, I the (Rentor) agree to be bound by the following:

1. There is a Non Refundable deposit of 25% of your total rental.

2. Customer Pick Up reservations are not guaranteed unless all questions are completely filled out.

3. Customer Pick Ups are given a "Pick up time window", In the event that a reservation is not picked         up within the 'Pick up time window" the reservation will be cancelled and the Rentor will and
    shall be charged for the full amount of the reservation.

4. I (Rentor) give my permission to the above company to charge the credit 
    card provided by me, for the 25% deposit for the equipment reserved NON-REFUNDABLE

5. I (Rentor) give my permission to the above company to charge the entire reservation amount due      and payable, to the credit card provided by me, in the event that I do not pick up the reserved     equipment and or do not pick up the reserved equipment within the "Pick up time window" .

6. All Customer pick up reservations must be cancelled in writing or a direct voice cancellation with the     business office, (texts/voice mails do not constitute notification) a minimum of 36 hours prior to the
    reservation "Pick up time window" that you received, in order to not be charged the remaining 75% of
    the reservation.

I, the Rentor, agree and give my permission for Jumping Monkeys Inflatables / A Perfect Party Rental to charge the credit card provided by me a DEPOSIT of 25%.
I further agree and understand that this is a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit.
By Filling in my name below, I represent and verify that I am the responsible party for the above credit card, Further I give my permission for the credit card to be charged.
Electronic Signature of Card Holder
By filling in my name, I agree, accept and understand that this is "the same as" my signature,  I have read and understand the reservation cancellation policy, and further agree to be bound by the policy.